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Check this 5 step process to get your customer to your Instant Sales Page and get paid in minutes.

Create an offer

You can create an offer with Instant Sales Pages just by entering a name for your product, a description and a price. That’s it.

This step should take less than 1 minute in most cases. Our goal is to make offer creation as smooth and simple as possible. 

Add a picture for your offer

It’s a good idea to add a picture of your product, to catch the eyes of your customer. This picture will be displayed on your Instant Sales Page, and depending on your preferred way of sharing, it may also be shown in the conversation.

You can use your phone camera, or upload a picture you already have.


Share the offer with your customer

With Instant Sales Pages, you can share your Sales Page directly, anyway you want to: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, e-mail… you name it.

Sharing you Sales Page is just like sharing anything on your phone. Share away and get more sales ! 

Your customer will reach your Sales Page


Following the offer you sent, your customer will be taken to a beautiful Sales Page, where the sale can be confirmed and payment processed.

Your customer will be able to pay for your offer with his/her credit/debit card.




Get paid instantly

All purchases made in your Instant Sales Page are secured and processed by Stripe. Stripe is one of the world leaders in electronic payment processing.

You can then withdraw your money directly to your bank account.

It’s just that easy.

We’ve Got You Covered

Fast, simple, beautiful

Just enter a product name, price, a description, and a picture. It’s that simple

No fees on sales

We charge you nothing at all on each sale (payment processor fees may apply) 

No tech skills needed

Using a phone and taking a picture of your product is all the knowledge you need

Easy sharing

Share via WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail, Twitter, Instagram… Anywhere !

Mobile and Desktop

ISP runs in your browser, work freely wherever you are

Stripe powered payments

Customer payments are handled by Stripe, one of the world leaders in e-payments

No website needed

You don’t need a website to start selling with ISP. You’ll be good to go in minutes

World Class Support

Corporate level support for your daily sales. We’ve got your back


Plans For Every Need

Success Stories

We’ve always wanted to have an online shop for our products. There was always something more urgent to do and we failed to take action.

Instant Sales Pages solved all of that for us. If you have 1 minute (literally), you can publish your product online.


Tim and Roger Davies

Founders, Fast Lane Ltd

I usually receive ten’s of questions a day about my products from social media, email, WhatsApp and Instant Messenger.

Since I have Instant Sales Pages, I reply to each message in a personal fashion (like I’ve always done), but now I can add a link to my sales page.

Sales have skyrocketed ! Thanks !

Samantha Harris

Founder & CEO, Harris Media

You could say that I’m a structured guy in my way of thinking. I’ve always tought of first having a website, then, hopefully one day an e-shop.

Since everyday staff kept postponing the website, thinking about selling online was not on sight for me.

I’m blown away by Instant Sales Pages.

It’s the absolute fastest way to sell online. Thank you guys !

Andrew Newman

Entrepreneur, Golden Ride Limited

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